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This week was wonderful and full of great learning expierences. I always have so many thoughts and impressions to write about, but there just isnt enough time, and so I will speak briefly about the activities of the week and share a spiritual thought and impression I have had all week long running through my mind. 

This week consisted in.

Interviews Porvenir zone
Sister Trainer leader Training
Temple with Leadership 
Concilio of Leadership 
Interviews Central zone
Intercambios with Zone leaders 

I love thinking about all the things that happened in week and pulling out all that I learned. Its like making juice, I just try and squeeze all the juice out, because wow, there are so many things that the Lord is trying to teach me. I think sometimes im lazy and I throw the fruit away to early, without getting all the juice out of it, but im working on that one. 

During all of these activities I have been focusing on Charity. Charity in the sense of Seeing others as Christ sees them, speaking with others as Christ would speak with them, and loving others as Christ loves them. After each day, before sleeping, I tried to read something about Charity to see how I did, and every night I noticed that I am not even close, but thats okay, Charity is something that we most Strive for everyday! It comes from Christ through the spirit, its the most important attribute because once attained, we become as Christ is, and we are able to make a difference, we are able to change the lives of people, beause it is not Elder Marshall how does it, it is Chirst. 

I found during the week, missionaries who are great examples of Charity, that are striving as well, during the interviews I had the chance to look at each missionary as Christ does, and my heart was full of more energy, with more words and impressions to say. 
During the Sister leader training meeting, I was surround by sisters that are full of Charity, and I received many impressions on how I can lead and Love more as the sisters do. 
Concilio I tried with all my heart to love them all, and it is not easy when you are surround by so many different people, and all require a differnt type of attention and help. 
Intercambios, You just pray during the whole change that they can feel the Lords love and his Hand in his work, and that a new hope will sprout inside of them!

I returned to our room yesterday and I was drained, I was astounded by how Christ does it, and he did it! He amazes me everyday, because all during this week his Love was perfect for me, the way he guided me, and answered my prayers and lifted me up when I felt like putting my head down. I love him and his great work, its not easy to be full of Charity but that is what is required!

Moroni 7:48 says we must pray with all the energy of our Heart!!! I have always thought until this week that ya we must pray hard, but I learned that after praying we must put all of our Energy in to having this great Love, his love for his Children, and than it will be given, and we will be amazed when he comes, because as it teaches us in Moroni those who have the gift of Charity, will be the same as he is in the last day! 

I love this great work, I ofted get lost in this great work, not understanding how he does it, and how he has the energy to do it, but I love how in the temple we understand how, and why! 

Elder Marshall 

Pictures I will send next week! Sorry Love ya! ]]>
<![CDATA[The Light of a Pobre Forestero; Burns!]]>Sun, 31 Jan 2016 04:49:46 GMThttp://eldermarshall.weebly.com/blog/the-light-of-a-pobre-forestero-burns
Yup we played tennis in Peru!!! clay courts! vamos! Our leader missional is the greatest! 

Dear Family and Friends, 

Another week has gone by, and it will be a week forever remembed. Thats what I love about these letters every week is that they are all full of forever memories that will never be forgotten! That Lord blesses us with memories, and I love that about life! Theres nothing better then looking back and being able to smile and know that you gave it your all. 

We are currently in the process of the interviews and they have been really wonderful. Each missionary has there own specific talent, testimony and glow! It has been really cool for me as it always to look into there eyes and try and see them how the Lord sees them. Charity is that, seeing others and loving others how the Lord loves them and that is why it is the greatest attribute because to be able to achieve it you have to literally Love and see and hear and judge and be as Christ, and only then we are given the gift to Love has he Loves! How neat! They were full days starting at 6 in the morning and constantly striving for the guidiance of the Spírit until the end of the day at 10:30pm plus a few minutes....we do our best! I think the most draining days are the days where you depend on the Spirit, because you literally are an instrument. 

We also had a few meetings with Stake Presidents, we are trying to divide ourselfs so one of us can go to the meeting and one of us can stay in the area and do our best to visit the people that are waiting for us! It has been a humbling expierence to see how the Lord has blessed. We had a very interesting week of teaching and preaching, we found many many people, it seemed as though we were walking right where we needed to walk, and we tried our hardest to Teach repentence and help them start that path of coming back and being new. It is the greatest work! 

We had our first Noche Misional to start off the Year 2016, we are starting so many cool Traditiones. Our activity consisted in a noche misional just for the Members. The 3 companionships of Missions taught princples of the Gospel of Christ. Sister Rosado and Thruston talked about faith, Elder Olsen and Elder Espinoza talked about the Spirit, our Lider Misional talked about repentence and forgiveness and then 5 of the present converts out of the 9 present bore there testimonies of there baptizm. Now, we asked Elder Cabezas( a missionary that served in Casa Grande with me and who is currently serving close to us in Central) to partcipate in the activity by dressing up as a homeless drunk man and to sit in front of the Chapel, outside of the door and ask members as they entered for bread or food. All of the members entered having seen this homeless man. Elder Craft and I taught the last princple of Enduring to the End, and as we were talking the homeless man(Elder Cabezas) entered in the room, sat in the back, and listened, made a few comments, the members noticed him but did not say much. We then sang the last verse of Un pobre Forestero (A poor wayfaring Man of Grief), and as we sang he came up to the front and undressed into his white shirt and tie, as a representitive of Christ. Many began to cry and realized what had happened. Our lider misional invited all to Pray on there knees and ask Heavenly Father who are the Pobre foresteros in there life that they need to help. We had many many members come up to us after with references and asking when we can go visit them. It was a very neat activity.

We ended the activity by saying a pray as a ward on our knees to know who we all need to help, after the pray on knees our Ward mission leader ask everybody when was the last time they hugged someone, and invited them to give everyone a hug, so our whole Ward started hugging one another, it was a very very special activity! and its only the beginning, we have thought of many activities to teach the Doctrine of Christ and to help many come unto Christ! Next month we are thinking about doing the Atonement Dynamic with someone doing pushups for every person that wants a Marshall Cookie! Lets go Family Buenos Aires! 

The Light filled the room that night there in Buenos Aires it was soo cool, that same day we did a service painting a members house. We had a lesson that morning so we just took a pair of extra clothes and changed on the go, plus when we left it was raining so we thought we were going to be alright! We had a great time painting and serving others. The house looks way better now. As we began to finish the service, we all began to feel a little bit burnt, because the sun was pretty bright during the service, well we made it back to the room and yup we were crispy crispy! 

While serving those around us, those who need our help, the Spirit of Christ burns inside our Hearts and we are purified and cleansed. 

Here are the words to the Song we sang, please take a few minutes to read them, its one of my favorite songs, Verse 7 is my favorite! 
  1. 1. A poor, wayfaring Man of grief
    Hath often crossed me on my way,
    Who sued so humbly for relief
    That I could never answer nay.
    I had not pow'r to ask his name,
    Whereto he went, or whence he came;
    Yet there was something in his eye
    That won my love; I knew not why.
  2. 2. Once, when my scanty meal was spread,
    He entered; not a word he spake,
    Just perishing for want of bread.
    I gave him all; he blessed it, brake,
    And ate, but gave me part again.
    Mine was an angel's portion then,
    For while I fed with eager haste,
    The crust was manna to my taste.
  3. 3. I spied him where a fountain burst
    Clear from the rock; his strength was gone.
    The heedless water mocked his thirst;
    He heard it, saw it hurrying on.
    I ran and raised the suff'rer up;
    Thrice from the stream he drained my cup,
    Dipped and returned it running o'er;
    I drank and never thirsted more.
  4. 4. 'Twas night; the floods were out; it blew
    A winter hurricane aloof.
    I heard his voice abroad and flew
    To bid him welcome to my roof.
    I warmed and clothed and cheered my guest
    And laid him on my couch to rest,
    Then made the earth my bed and seemed
    In Eden's garden while I dreamed.
  5. 5. Stript, wounded, beaten nigh to death,
    I found him by the highway side.
    I roused his pulse, brought back his breath,
    Revived his spirit, and supplied
    Wine, oil, refreshment--he was healed.
    I had myself a wound concealed,
    But from that hour forgot the smart,
    And peace bound up my broken heart.
  6. 6. In pris'n I saw him next, condemned
    To meet a traitor's doom at morn.
    The tide of lying tongues I stemmed,
    And honored him 'mid shame and scorn.
    My friendship's utmost zeal to try,
    He asked if I for him would die.
    The flesh was weak; my blood ran chill,
    But my free spirit cried, "I will!"
  7. 7. Then in a moment to my view
    The stranger started from disguise.
    The tokens in his hands I knew;
    The Savior stood before mine eyes.
    He spake, and my poor name he named,
    "Of me thou hast not been ashamed.
    These deeds shall thy memorial be;
    Fear not, thou didst them unto me."
  8. Let us all find and serve our poor wayfaring man of grief 
  9. Love, Elder Marshall 

thats my ocean, Buenos Aires es lo mejor!

Yup, Hes my companion! 

Elder Olsen is my favorite, he doesnt like wearing shoes, so whenever he is in the office he is always running around without his shoes on, and then we got to our correlacion meeting with our leader missional and he still didnt have his shoes on. 

I love this sweet little girl, no idea what her name is! 

we are both asking right now as we crinch when we have to move our necks, were is mom when you need her! 

These Sisters, Sister Rosado and Sister Thruston are the greatest sisters ever! Buenos Aires! 

Elder Olsen is the greatest at Serving with the spirit! we always have way to much fun but he helped us to serve with the Spirit, look at him, he doesnt have paint on him, until i dumped a whole bunch of paint on him....he was not happy with me 

Look, my ear is soo red! why did I forget sunscreen again! one day i will learn

The crew! 

Noche Misional! I will never forget this crew! Familia Buenos Aires! 
<![CDATA[Dirty Knees (Rodillas Cochinasos)]]>Sun, 24 Jan 2016 04:45:10 GMThttp://eldermarshall.weebly.com/blog/dirty-knees-rodillas-cochinasos
Dear Family and Friends, 

I feel like only a few hours ago, I was sitting here writting about waves and talking about last week. This past week has been one of the greatest weeks of my mission and my life. It was incredible. I have never felt so lifted by the Spirit and consegrated to the Most important work that we will do in our lifes. 

The baptism of Cynthia, what a tender mercy and neat expierence. She was so ready and repented, watching her leave the water, I held a new daughter of Gods in my hands, clean and pure, converted by the Spirit through the infinite Atonement. She bore a solemn Testimony, Citing a verse in Alma 19:6 and then offered the closing prayer with such love and kindness to our Heavenly Father. 

We then went on a hunt in pacasmayo. We have a mission couple coming to the mission in february and we needed to find them an apartement. President Marler had a meeting with the Branch President and the Zone leaders and Sister Leaders, so he took Elder Craft who is over Guadalupe, and I went with Sister Marler to look for furniture and apartements. What a wonderful couple of hours I got to spend with Sister Marler, shes the greatest. We talked about our families, eat aguamentes which is a small golden fruit that she likes, ya know its growing on me....not really, but its a sweet memory. We had to wait for the stories to open because it was during lunch time so we found a nice peruvian curve and sat down and talked for an hour. We are true peruvians, We loved when they passed us and looked at us like we were crazy because only peruvians sit on curbs and talk for hours. 

This week we also started the interview process. President Marler is talking about achieving the Impossible and putting all of our faith in Heavenly Father and Christ to achieve all things. Sister Marler is talking about repentence and how to teach repentence. Elder Craft and I are talking about the Faith to Find and how to use the tools gave us to Find the Chosen Children whom are ready to repent. We have interviewed one zone and they have been such great interviews, We have the best missionaries in this mission. Really, they amaze me everyday! I love them all so much! 

Now, The greatest part of this week was the missionary broadcast, It was this past wednesday, and it was all of the missionaries in the whole World! all 75,000 missionaries. I will never forget the great Spirit that was felt here in the Trujillo North Mission. The purpose of the broadcast was to center our focus as missionaries on Teaching Repentence and Baptizing converts, to establish the Kingdom of God on the Earth in preparation to the Second Coming of Christ, our greatest Friend. Elder Dallin H Oaks, Elder Niel L Anderson, Elder L. Whitney Clayton, Elder Christopher Waddell, Hermana Oscarason, and Elder David A. Bednar taught us the fundamentales of missionary work, and they did so with such clarity and simplicity. It was beautiful. We all understood more about why we teach repentence, why the prophets of Old taught repentence. In the past I always thought it was because of how wicked they were and so of course they had to teach and scream repentence but thats not the reason, its because of how beautiful repentence is, its the only way that people can expierement the Atonement in there lives. Its the ONLY way!

Two phrases caught my heart and attention and that was, 

Our lips must be always ready to Testify of Christ
We must KNEEL to Pray when we teach the gospel of Christ. 

Elder Craft and I having been stretching ourselves as much as possible to be in our area, to do what the Lord wants us to do and that is Preach Repentence and Baptize Converts, so we have made it to our area every single day this week except for monday. We are doing it, we are changing the tradition of Asistentes being Office Elderes, we are not, we are to be out in our area having missionries come to us and teaching them there in our spiritual labratory. We have been praying a lot so that we can do this, and we have been seeing many miracles. The Lord has been hastening his work in Barrio Buenos Aires. It is the greatest ward in the whole mission right now! We have baptized 6 in this month of Janurary, and we are just getting started. 

We have taught many lessons this past week, but one thing we are doing and trying to start as a tradition is kneeling to pray, Everyone we teach we pray with them to kneel, now in Buenos Aires, there is a lot of Sand and the majority of the houses are dirt floors. So, I was with our ward mission leader, Elder Craft once again was in a meeting with his Zone leaders and his stake with President Marler. Elder Craft is over 4 zones and I am over 5, but 3 of mine our not in trujillo, so anyways, we had made it to our last lesson and we get done teaching Cristel, the sister of Cynthia, and as we finish she made a comment about my pants, she asked me if i had fallen or something because I had dirt around my knees, and then it hit her that it was because of praying. We then got on our knees with her and prayed. 

Kneeling to pray is the first step to repentence. Thats what I learned this week. And if we are to teach repentence to all, WE MUST kneel to pray with them and INVITE them to do so and to ask forgiveness for there sins and to feel the love through the Atonement of Christ, ALL should have the chance to learn how to repent correctly, we must go do this work, that is the most important work of all and that is to Invite all TO COME UNTO CHRIST.

I love this work with all my heart! Let us all press forward in Christ! 

Elder Marshall

Barrio Buenos Aires!!! Javier!
He is a great great man! javier! 

LOOKK!!! who came and visited me!!! MAMA SIMONA!!!! she brought me a panaton and cream cheese to spread, shes knows me so well!!!! shes my angle!!! 

Beautiful Buenos Aires!!! this is where my HEART is found! Mom dont worry you still have the key! 

These two are the greatest!!! I love them to death! 

Cynthia! What an incredible baptism, the office of the mission south of Trujillo came as well, she invted them. 

The best beach in peru! Papuel....something like that! is was gourgous! 

Baptism of Cynthia! Alma 29:9-10

One of my Favorite pictures of my Mision! 

Today, They are the best! I love our Office Elderes they are the best! 
<![CDATA[The Crash of Waves]]>Sun, 17 Jan 2016 01:18:14 GMThttp://eldermarshall.weebly.com/blog/the-crash-of-waves
Dear Family and Friends, 
This week has been a week of Waves, Test, and Trials and it has been Incredible. We have been focusing, studying, applying and trying to live the following phrase: Teach Repentence and Baptize converts. 

We had changes this past week, which is very busy and like chickens-running-with-there-head-cut off type of expierence. Kenzi does that hypnated adverb work, if not forgive me. Anyways its a great time. Well, This change we had a flu/cold pass throught the mission and dear Elder Olsen was affected. He was very sick, now the personal secretary does everything during changes, he books flights, he figures out how to move all the missionaries from what President Marler has felt and he does everything. We make the changes he makes them Possible! Now when he get sick its a whole different ball game. So, Elder Craft and I, well lets just way it was a wave for us, and we learned many things, the most important thing we learned was how much Elder Olsen does for us and of the mission and for the Lord. Elder Olsen is an incredible, Ive always asked the Lord why he had to take us out of Hyde Park and Smithfield Utah and have us travel all the way across the world and then put us in the same place, well its because I need to learn many things from his Great Christ like example. I love him to death. 

We had a wonderful change in the mission, only two missionaires missed the bus and it wasnt too bad cause the just got on the next one. We had a neat expierence with the new missionaries, they are so incredilbe 5 of them our Recent converts of less then 3 years and they are here ready to Teach repentence and Bautize Converts they are going to change this mission and many many lives. 

After finishing with the changes we were exaughsted, it was a pretty crazy couple of days, anyways we headed to the office the four of us, because we all had a few things assignments we needed to accomplish and we realized that we had left a few of our belongs in a taxi. Well, Lets just say we learned many lessons about Responsibility, trust, being honesty, we worked hard and we talked to many people and had many expierence trying to find the taxi and trying to find our belongs, and it was all guided by the Lord. We grew very much and we learned a lot about how important it is to put our proiorities in Line and to Always focus on People not things! Things dont matter in the end, souls coming unto Christ, repenting and opening the door to The Love of God and his Atonement, that is what matters the most to God and us. It was a wave that left a very strong and important impact. 

The final wave is a recent and small wave that is exciting and difficult as well, I opened up my email today and the first words that catch my eyes were the following, Klaynee Im Engaged. 
Melodie is Engaged to Kyle Tippets and will be getting sealed the 14 of May, 2016. I can not explain the emotions felt reading those words, but I am so very happy, proud and full of peace to know that a Worthy Priesthood Holder, Return Missionary that gave all his Heart to the work, and is now giving all his Heart to my Sister, my Best Friend, my hero, my Princess. Its so important this step they are taking and they have my support all the way from Peru and for the rest of there lifes. Come on im the favorite Uncle, forever will be! But yes it is and will be a wave. 

After all of the waves there are always moments of Peace. Elder Olsen, Elder Espinoza, and Elder Romero have been teaching an investigador named Cynthia. I had the blessing to teach her once about 3 weeks ago. She will be getting baptized today. She wasnt sure about who should baptize her when the Elderes asked her and so they suggested having her Fast about it, anyways she did, and she felt that I should be the one to Baptize her. It was a very peaceful feeling, and I am very humbled to have the chance to particapate in the ordinanze of Baptism once again and to excercise my Priesthood. It is been almost a year since I have participated in baptizing, which is humbling to think as well. 

Repentence is when the wave comes, but we Hold on tight to the Anchor whom is Christ, We hold on tight to His Perfect doctine that he brought to this world From his Father. Repentence is what make possible the PEACE right after the wave. 

I love you all, Find the Peace after every Wave.

Elder Marshall 
<![CDATA[Whats written on your heart]]>Sat, 09 Jan 2016 22:06:33 GMThttp://eldermarshall.weebly.com/blog/whats-written-on-your-heart
Dear Family and Friends, 

There is a very big problem when you pick up journal and it says 14 of december and its the 9th of Janurary. That is one way to explain how fast time is going. The problem with the journal is that between those pages there are incredible memories, things that will never beforgotten.  Its not possible to write these kind of memories down. President talked about how we must right the things on our hearts, These moments and memories have been written upon my heart. Plus theres just no time to write in a journal. (Im going to get better, promise) 

We this past week had,lets see, since last friday till yesterday. 7 reunions starting in Cajamarca ending in Trujillo and seeing all 190 missionaries. It was such a neat week. I will tell you that we have the greatest missionaries, and mission in the whole world. Ever meeting was a very spiritual expierence and we were all very edified by the Spirit. It has been a great bunch of days. Something that I learned this past week was about the impressions of the spirit. Something I have tried to do and which has become a habit is writing the small impressions in my agenda, it has become my spiritual journal, In every mission agenda there is a little bit of space on the edges. What I love is writing down the small impression there and being able to go back and see what the Spírit has taught me. I realized during a meeting and while President was teaching and guiding all by the Spirit that all those small phrases and impressions are the things found upon my heart, the things engraved on my Heart. The only person that can write on the heart is the Spirit. Its very similar to when writing words on a sandy beach, The words are engraved on the beach with a stick or something Sure, but they with time fade, especially if you are not constantly wrtiting the words over and over. Its the same with the Spirit and the way to engrave the Doctrine of Christ upon our Hearts. Constantly striving for Spiritual Experierences is the key to Engrave the covenants upon the Heart. 

Elder Craft and I for the Multizone trained on the Spirit and how to Trust in the Spirit more and more in this life. President always says that those in live in the Celestial Kingdom are always guidied by the Spirit, constantly. We shared the Story in Matthew 14:27-31 about when Peter walked on the Water and we related that to our missions. We Talked about how we as missionaries put our Site on Christ, What the Winds and Waves are in the mission, and how we Shout unto the Lord and ask for him to save us in the mission. We then related that to Trusting in The Lord. That has always been one of my favortie Bible Stories, and after training on it, I have learned much. 

The key things I have learned about the Spirit in these past few trainings is the following. 
1. The why of the Spirit- Lead us to Christ and to Our Heavenly Father. When we feel the Spirit its because we are getting close to them and become more like them. 
2. Two main reasons we dont follow the Spirit. Pride and Fear the two biggest attributes of Satan. Pride being the opposite of Charity and selflessness, Fear being the opposite of Faith. 
3. Trusting in the Spirit means: Listening, Receiving, Acting, Thanking. 

The biggest thing I learned is how little I know about the Spirit and the lack of expierence I have with him. We must constantly Strive for him. 

This upcoming week we will be starting a new Change, saying goodbye to the Olds, Welcoming the news, and start another life changing expierence. It seems like we just barely went to the airport to send off Elder Bond and pick up the news. Well, Here we go, More memories to Write on my Heart.  

Love, Elder Marshall  

Ps. On this past monday we were come back from Cajamarca and President Marler brought his Fly Fishing Pole, well this time we taugth Elder Craft, President Fackrell and I how to Fly Fish. WE found the perfect fishing hole. Well, Spenc dont be to Proud, Caught my first Fish Fly Fishing in Peru! hahaha it was hilarious. President Marler was just a yelling at me, because all the fishies were bitting, like 10 times they bit, but I just did not know how to yank the fish out of the water and keep him on the hook! Soo Hard, and no pressure! Finally, I got him! hahaa That one Ill never forget! 
Cajamarca, Santa Palonia! 
Beautiful Cajamarca! 

I loved this little spot, it reminds me of the Staircase to Heaven. 

I love these Two so very much! Two of my Best Friends. 

Cool Stairs huh! 

We went in to our first Cathidral Catolica, and they had some catacombas underneath of it, this is where the musuem was, we decided not to send any bones or anything just a nice picture

There is my good looking, Stud muffin, companion. he went fishing in his Church shoes! 

I will never forget that day!! 

Grandma and Grandpa thank you so very much for the package! I liked the Sunflower seeds acting as Packing peanuts, efficence! 

​And now, The anouncement of the Week. The new Mission President of the Trujillo North Mission is Bill Marble and His wife Sandy Marble. 

He is from California, Served in Trujillo Peru during his mission. Worked with Sister Marler in California in Public Affairs of the Church. We are all very excited to meet him and to work with him. He will bring many things to this mission to keep going with all the miracles that are happening! He is one Lucky man! 
<![CDATA[2015-The Year 2016-Adelante!]]>Sun, 03 Jan 2016 00:06:59 GMThttp://eldermarshall.weebly.com/blog/2015-the-year-2016-adelanteDear Family and Friends, 

I can not be more greatful during this new year season. The new year is a time of reflexion in the past and in the future. I have always been a fan of the new year and being able ot set goals and put my life in orden. This new year has been completely different for me, and it has been one of the most powerful new years ive ever had. I have had some very powerful, promenent memories during new years, but this new year was a very humbling experience for me. 

2015 Is the year of my life that will have the biggest eternal affect on my life and the decision I will make the rest of my life. 2015 was my full year serving the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength, which has made it possible for me to know how to do that for all the following years of my life. It has completely changed my life. The expierences that the Lord blessed me with during the year of 2015 are unnumeral. I have come to know the Lord during this year, day after day, saying the commission and knowing that each step I take is a step the Lord would take. 

2016 DyC128:22 Thats how I feel about this following year. Its the year I will give all I have to Trujillo Peru, to the people, to the missionaries and to the Lord. Yes, it is the year I will be asked to remove the plaque, but I reciet the Words of Joseph Smith, Forward, Adelante my Brothern. Let us move forward and never go back. Our Glorious! 

12:00am 1/1/2016 - Of all the many things to be doing on New Years I was sitting on a bed in the elderes room in Cajamarca with Elder Craft by myside with a Preach my Gospel on my lap, scriptures spralled on the bed, getting ready for a multizone, trying to catch up from all the Christmas Acitivities and coming off of a leadership training that we did on Wednesday. We planed this training based off of Matthew 14:27-31. We talked about how we can put our Trust more in the Lord during this next year and how we can trust in the spirit in our everyday actions as missionaries of the Lord. It was the greatest way to start of the new year of 2016. 

This next week we have 5 trainings starting tomorrow here in Cajamarca, one in Guadalupe, and three in Trujillo. We are in Multizone season, so its a week of trainings. Elder Craft and I love it, its such a neat expierence to train missionaries, but the greatest is all is when you see them apply the things the Spirit taught them during the training. 

We had our leadership meeting this past week like I stated above, it was one of the most powerful meetings Ive have ever participated in. It was so very powerful. Sister Marler gave an incredible talk about the Atonement based on a talk called. The Atonement:All for All. Look it up. Then Presidente Marler gave a wonderful training on Repentence and how to teach it. I think as missionaries we are not to good at that. Alma 34 is my invitacion this week. Read it and learn more about atonement. 

Well, I love you all! Happy New Year! ]]>
<![CDATA[Christmas Consegration]]>Sun, 27 Dec 2015 00:09:20 GMThttp://eldermarshall.weebly.com/blog/christmas-consegration
Dear family and friends, 

I first would like to wish all a very very merry Christmas and thank you for all the prayers inbehalf of the missionaries in the world. Christmas is a very neat time for a missionary, there are many things to expierence and many memories behind the littlest of things. It is a time of rejoicing and also a time that brings sweet memories from home and but all in all it is a time to focus all on the Lord. That is something that I truly learned more about this Christmas was consegration. 

We held the two Christmas shows, and they were incredible just as I explained in my email last week. We ended up receiving more then 400 references from the two nights. It was so incredible to Testify to all the city of Trujillo of Christ through song, special talents and powerful words. It was also so neat to play A savior is Born to all the city and to give them all the chance to see that great testimony of Christ that the church has provided. It was a very impacting experience. Looking up to those missionaries, watching them sing with all of there hearts. A love was very present. I was so greatful for those two nights and things that the Lord taught me about service, diligence, and 

I will never foget the night of Christmas Eve. We had been caroling with the Marlers to stake presidents that night and we returned home a little late. I opened the most incredible Christmas gift Ive ever received from my family. It was a simple pillow case with all of the hands of each family member drawn on the pillow case. Each hand had something to describe the family member. It was in a circle leading to the hands of my parents, whose hands together formed a heart with my name in the middle. I was kneeled at my bed still needing to read my scriptures and The living Christ and at the stike of midnight I was writing a few impressions received from the living christ as the 12 daying doing so. It was a very spiritual experience for me to be testifying of Christ on the Day of his birthday. After doing so, I placed my hands where my name was on the pillow case and offered the closing pray to my day. I will never forget that pray and the many emotions that were felt. I love this work and the eternal blessings that are received.

The next day we had a beautiful Christmas here in the mission. We were blessed to see about the whole mission on Christmas day. We had a wonderful Christmas Devotional. Sister Marler and Presidente Marler spoke. The spoke with so much power and with the Spirit, it was so neat to expereince that on Christmas day! Thats how I hope I can make every Christmas morning for the rest of my life, is feeling that sweet spirit testify of Christ early in the morning of christmas day.That would be the greatest! After the devotional we opened gifts with the Marlers, they were awesome and hilarious gifts. I now have a pray rug thanks to Elder Craft, what a great companion. Then we had the most amazing blessing to speak with our families! I had talked to everybody about my family and how amazing and incredible they all are and so everybody was pretty excited to meet the marshall family! It was such a neat time for me to see them and to speak with them. I love each and everyone of them. They are all so happy and have new little babies and are just adorable. They are the reason I am here, They have brought me unto Christ and helped me become a disciple of Him. They are my greatest Christmas gift and always will be. 

Christmas for me is what Consegration will feel like. The puriest joy comes from Regoicing in Christ, being with the family, giving all that we are and have as a family to the Lord, and when we do that we are consecrated in Christ. A savior is Born, Ha nacido un Salvador so that we can consecrate ourselves in him and become Pure so that we can live Christmas day over and over again for the eterenities. What JOY! 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful new years. It is the perfect time to set goals to become more consecrated and to devote more time to the Lord and his great Work! 
Christmas yawnss! 6:28am trying to get out of bed on Christmas....strugs! 

Christmas morning! 

Craftcito playing with his legos!!! got to love him! 

Killed a bird on Christmas day!!! More food to eat right mom! 

Our skit! The 4 magos the 4 wise man! 

Christmas gifts, thank you Elder Olsen! 

Yup, They loved there Christmas gift! FlyFishing Gear!!! 

She loves here Inca Cola Zero!! happy tell the end! Look at the picture frame by her side! 

Christmas fun. Nerf guns, legos and cups! 
<![CDATA[Merry Christmas to All!]]>Sat, 19 Dec 2015 17:29:00 GMThttp://eldermarshall.weebly.com/blog/merry-christmas-to-all
Dear Family and Friends, 

I am not really sure where to start here so forgive me while I organize my thoughts. 

First, This Christmas is a Christmas that I will never forget. It has been incredible and it is only getting better. I decided that the best Christmas is based on Service and Love. When those two attributes are found, the spirit of Christmas is found as well. That is what Christ did. He loved and Served, and because he was born we can love and serve as well. 

During this whole week, well for the 12 days before Christmas Elder Craft and I gave our Leadership Council a challenge, a Christmas Tradition if you will. This Challenge was to read the Living Christ everyday for the 12 days for Christmas. We have been doing this everyday and after writing a small paragraph of the things we felt and the Love we have for Christ, and the goal is that on Christmas Day we can take a few minutes to write, add and testitfy of Christ. I have loved this so very much. During Christmas it is so easy to forget about Christ and to focus on gifts, money, activities, and the details of Christmas, but when we put Christ in all the details and everything that we do, there is a totally different feeling. He really Lights up the Christmas Season to a whole different level that no money, no gift, no activity can do. I invite you all to sit down with your families or companion or the closest person that the Lord has blessed you to be with this Christmas and read this with them. 

This past week we had a few activities to do. We had zones going to the temple once again this week it was fantastic to see the missionaries in the temple. Its incredible to me how much we get to love these missionareis. That is something I learned in the temple this past week is while in the Celestial Room how powerful the words, I love you are. It has a completely different feel to it and a power that is eternal. 

We had Cajamarca and the Sierra two zones that comprises of 40 missionaries, they came down the mountian for the Temple, Christmas party and Christmas Show. We had a Christmas party with them on Thursday night. It was a really neat Christmas party. We shared a nice dinner and then had a Christmas Talent Show. Our Office particapted and we did a skit. The 4 Wise man. It was one of the A savior is Born videos by stuido c. Hermana Angell and Vaughan gave us the idea and we took it and ran with it. We made it peruvian style and it was really hilarious. 

We then had the famous annual Christmas Program that our mission puts on in the Center of the City. We have been practicing since Octobre. We had a practice starting at mid day yesterday and the show was in the night. The missionareis blew it out of the park, it was incredible!!! We have the most talent in our mission I am convinced. Let me explain. We have a kenny G saxphone player...he is 4times better, hes Elder Terry! We have our own Piano Guys, Elder Drescher and Elder Olsen, We have 2 groups that sing songs from the panatonix, but wait they do it better. We also have a pan flutiest who wow, plays like the olden peruvians play but better, we have a sister that sings like celian dion, but better. Wait we have a Presidents Peruvian Cajon(drum box) that Elder Caldas plays, but he plays better then any other peruvian. The list goes on and on and on. The Reason that we are better is because there are literally angles that come and sing and testify of Christ to all who come. It is incredible. What JOY! 
While those Angles are singing, Missionaries and Celesital beings, The peoples hearts are opened and we have missionaires that go and contact them and teach them a small part of our great message. Last night I was incharge of making sure they were talking to everyone. I kept encouraging them to keep talking to people, and they kept telling me that there feet hurt and they had talked to everybody, and I told them, You can sit when your home, but there are people ready to hear about our message, now is the time. 

It was a neat night, and we are going to be doing another show tonight. I am so very excited. Tonight I will be particapating a little more. I will be singing Hark the Hearld Angles Sing. I am singing the high Tenor, so that means I am going to need your prayers there, but I am so excited and humbled to be able to Sing about My Christ. I will also be Juggling tonight with Elder Smith and then at the very end my Great Friend Elder Romero will be juggling as well, He learned here in the mission, in our apartment how to juggle, and we convinced him to join in. He is the reason this show work and runs. He is incredible, but we wanted to give him the chance to be in the show, and we got him! 

I love this Great Work, I love Christ. I realize each and every day how much more I need to Trust in Christ. I will never forget finishing a session in the temple and making it to the Celestial room and saying these words, after focusing the session on Christ. "I love Christ, I love him So much!" Taking that testimony out of the temple to a man at the Christmas Show last night who was talking to the missionaries contacting, he made a sister cry with his sharp words and comments, I approached the man and asked him his name and what we could do for him, and he looked at me and asked, you a missionary I said, of course. He said well, tell me Where is Christ, we should be more focused on the science of the things, Where is he! Tell me! I looked him and said, Brother, Christ is the reason you are here, and the reason we are all here. I know He lives! If you want to know, ask your Father in Heaven. 

I testify He Lives! If you dont know where he is, looking yourself in the mirror and ask your Father in Heaven. Believe! Be Faithful this Christmas! 

Love, Elder Marshall 
The Foour peruvian wise man! 

Ya thats wisdom for ya! Sister Marler is the source of all Wisdom, cookies and Beards! jajaja 
<![CDATA[Christmas: Temple and humble Blessings]]>Sat, 12 Dec 2015 17:26:00 GMThttp://eldermarshall.weebly.com/blog/christmas-temple-and-humble-blessings
​Dear Family and Friends, 

What an incredible week it has been. I struggle with words so very much, The reason why is because its so hard to explain all of the emotions and feelings that I have felt recently. Its literally impossible. This past week I felt lost in time and days and weeks constantly trying to do what the Lord wants done. I have felt like this before, but this time its different, While driving in a taxi going to the next things in the day and I was thinking, do I really want to be busy like this always, never stopping, never having time but constantly being on the move, doing, acting and then the Spirit helped me understand it a little more, ¡Of course!, he said. When you are constantly, actively doing and acting in the Gospel you achieve true happiness, true joy. I hope and desire to always be busy serving the Lord and helping others come to know him more. 

This week we had two events, Zone Trainings and Zones going to the temple. Ever month we train the zone Leaders in a meeting called Concilio, They then have 5 days to prepare a training based on what we taught in concilio, and then transmite the vision in the Zone Trainings. We try and make it to a few of the Zone trainings during the week to see how the missionaries are doing and how the Zone leaders and Sister Trainer leaders are doing. I had the Chance to go to Casa Grande with Elder Olsen. Back to my tierra, it was so great to be present during the training. They did a wonderful job and it was great to sit down with a few of the missionaries and see how they are doing. There was one elder, Elder Maddox, he is a new missionary and he remindes me of myself when I started. He has been struggling with spanish, so it was neat to speak with him for a few minutes and just tell him to Trust in the Lord and everything will be okay. 

I also had the chance to talk with Elder Olsen on the way back. He is such an incredible missionary, a pure example of diligence in the Lords Work. He has been here in the office for 2 months now as the personal secretary and it has been a great blessing for the both of us. We have had to learn so much. When you come on a mission its so great because you are able to Grow and become who the Lord needs you to become because nobodies knows you and who you were before the missionary. Well, thats not the case for Elder Olsen and I, we know and knew each other before, and so its been different. It was a great time to just look at him and tell him, I dont care who you were before the mission, or what social status we had before, it doesnt matter, now is the time to love complete one another and grow. So we started reading a book together in our spare few minutes in the night. Act in Doctrine, Its been really great. He is so very intellegant so hes been helping me with many things. I mean theres a reason why the Lord put us back together, he is trying to tell us something. We are just beginning the journey. 

We were blessed, Elder Craft and I to go through two Temple sessions with about 60 missionaries in the space of those two sessions. What a neat expierence. I really tried to center the sessions on Christ and Christmas and understand the True meaning of Christmas, and what better place to do so then in the temple. I learned many many things during those two sessions. The greatest thing I loved though is how Heavenly Father answeres our questions, the way I learn the most in the temple is by others. I think thats why we dont make it to the celestial room alone. We have great, wonderful, brothers and sisters with light in there eyes to help and understand the Love of our Heavenly Father and his Perfect Son Jesus Christ.

I learned a great lesson on humility yesterday by two great examples.
The first was an elder, Elder Simper. He is a great friend and one of the most humble missionareis Ive ever met. He is always learning and trying to grow. Anyways we finished a District Leader Training meeting and he came up to us after and asked if he could receive a Blessing of Comfort, What love I felt looking into his eyes and trying to understand what he was feeling in that moment. Humility opens doors to all blessings. We spoke with him and his companion about a few things and then gave him a blessing. 

The second was after the Birthday party of Sister Vaughan at the Mission home. We had finished a very nice night of celebration and about to head home to finish the night when President Marler asked Elder Craft and I to stay for a few minutes. Well ya of course, we normally talk about missionaries, upcoming trainings, and the things that are on his mind. So, we entered into his office and he looked at us humbly and said, Elderes, I need you to give me a blessing.  For health reasons that were getting in the way of the work, he just needed to be better and healthy. Elder Craft anonited and I sealed and blessed. It was one of the most tender moments of our missions. After praying night and day for President and for his wife, to being able to place our hands on his head and bless him was a very touching and powerful expierence. After he said, Thank you, Thats what The Lord told me I needed to do, and I was just being obedient. 

This upcoming week is The Christmas program whowww!!! Its going to be incredible!! For the Program I am the head of the contacting team, ps my team is going to beat Elder Crafts team! I will also be juggling with Elder Smith, he is awesome and I am in a courtet singing Hark ye Hearld Angeles Sing. Its going to be a full Christmas Packed Week!!! I cant wait! 

I hope we can all Share the Christmas Spirit with all, there is no better and great time than to shout it out for all to hear! ¡Joy To the World! Jesus Nació!!! 

Les Amo
Elder Marshall
Cajamarca Futbol! 

Dejavuiiii with Elder Craft

Mi romerito!!! 

Waterfall llacanora


Dont worry, we asked before!

Car ride in the back 

Shades in Cajamarca

President Caught his first Fish in peru!!! it was a miracle

I love these two so very much! 
<![CDATA[Wrapping Gifts under the Stars]]>Sun, 06 Dec 2015 17:23:17 GMThttp://eldermarshall.weebly.com/blog/wrapping-gifts-under-the-starsDear family and friends, 

What a neat spectacular week it has been. It has been a week I will never forget, full of memories and many many things to accomplish in such a short amount of time. 

Monday was a day and a half. We work up bright and early to go pick up some very dear friends, Elder Bonds parents. They are the greatest. Elder Bonds dad is just like him but a little bit more swoll, they will be staying here until next monday, when they will fly out in the night. It was so neat finally meeting the parents of one of my companions. Its the first time for me meeting my companions parents in person and how sweet of expierence it was. After all of the conversastion of getting to know his family and where he comes from, finally meeting them was so very cool for me personally. 

We then said goodbye to misisonaries later that day at the airport which is always a hard but powerful expierence. I will never forget a sister that just waited and waited until the missionary that taught her the gospel got on the plane, she couldnt leave until she said her last goodbye, many had comments about the relationship they had (she was in her 40s) but I just new and felt that her life was changed forever because of that Elder. Thats what the Gospel and Christ do, they make relationships unbreakable. 

Then that same night we went back to the airport and picked up the new misisonaries, 18 of them. They were so wonderful. They are all coming so very preparared and ready to serve the lord. It was neat to stand next to Elder Craft and go back to the time when walked down that same ramp and how the Lord has changed and blessed our lifes. 

We trained the new missionaires on Tuesday and they received there new companions. Very neat expierence as well. And then we began the preparations for the next training with the zone leaders and sister leaders on Thursday, concilio. 

This concilio Elder Bond, Elder Craft and I focused on Planes, Goales and how to achieve what the Lord wants. It was a very quick and powerful training. SIster Marler talked about the importance of Baptism and how to make every baptism a spìritual expierence. 

Elder Craft, Elder Bond and I then talkd about the video A savior is Born or Ha nacido un salvador. We love that video it is so powerful anyways we had been pondering and praying about how we were going to spread the video in the mission and to whom. 

So we created the Director!! Which is a small book that every missionary has whcih is there directory of there ward. We then printed off every single list of each area of 
part member families, families that are married but havent been sealed, members that have taken out there endowments but dont have there recommends, and the preisthood that need to be advanced and need to serve missionaries. 

They take these lists and mark the names in there booklet so they can know who to help in there ward and who to share this wonderful, and powerful video to. WE literally gave more then 10.000 names of people our missionaries can visit and share this video with. It was sooo cool!! The besst part is we placed there booklets and lists in boxes and wrapped them up and gave each zone a gift. Eldre Craft and I are pro wrappers, we decided we are going to wrap for kitchen kneads along the side of my momma. It was a really neat expierence the misisoanries loved them. Now its just timee to use them and help so many families come unto Christ this Christmas!! 

Right after concilio Elder olsen and I changed the flat tire on the Marlers van, supper funny! we paid attention in scouts. and then we went and played some basketball with the father of elder bond, who plays really well, It was a very special day! 

The day after we hopped in the van and went to Cajamarca for a christmas/musical program we will be having today. On the way up to Cajamarca President Marler brought his fly fishing pole and did some fly fishing in peru! we are almost positive he is the first person in the whole world to fly fish in Peru! It was an inforgettable expierence. 

I Love this work, I have never been happier, Everyday we wake up around 5:45 and we get to bet around, well when the stars are out, and its the greatest work and thing Ive ever done in my life! I just hope and pray I can help others come unto Christ. As we were printing out tons of lists full of names, The spirit whispered, oh if you bring even one soul unto me, how great will be your joy! I testify of that! 

Love you all, have a great week full of Christmas Christ moments. 
Elder Marshall]]>